QoS Device Manager

Cisco offers QoS Device Manager (QDM) as a free download from its web site. QDM can dramatically increase your understanding of QoS configurations and can help you to make your way through the maze of configuring QoS on your router. By playing with this application and seeing how it manages QoS on your router, you can learn more about QoS configurations.

If you're new to QoS and want to use QoS for more than just VoIP traffic, this application might be for you.

You can download QDM from Cisco's web site. Once you download it, install it in on your router in flash memory. After that, you can point your web browser to your router. (You also need to configure http services on your router with the command ip http server.) The QDM application runs as a Java applet inside your browser, which allows you to graphically configure and monitor all QoS features inside your router. For more information, see:

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