Setting Router Information for the MIB-II System Group


You need to define specific information about the router, such as its name and location, to pass to the SNMP manager.


Set description, location, and contact information about the router:

	[edit snmp]
	aviva@router1# set description "JUNOS cookbook M20, aka router1"
	aviva@router1# set location "JUNOS cookbook kitchen"
	aviva@router1# set contact "aviva at extension 12345"



These commands provide general information, which is placed into objects in the MIB-II system group, about the router to the SNMP manager. The description string identifies the router and is placed into the sysDescription object. The location describes the router's physical location and is placed into the sysLocation object. The contact identifies how to contact the router's administrator and goes into the sysContact object. The name of the router you configured when you installed the router (the name in the set system host-name command) is placed into the sysName object. You can set a different router name to be used just for SNMP:

	[edit snmp]
	aviva@router1# set name junos-cookbook-router

You can use a utility like snmpwalk from a Unix workstation to retrieve the agent's information. ( snmpwalk uses SNMP GetNext requests to query a network entity for a tree of information.) The following command uses the hostname of the agent (router1), but you can also use the IP address:

	aviva-server> snmpwalk -c public router1 system.sysDescr
	system.sysDescr.0 = JUNOS cookbook M20, aka router1
	aviva-server> snmpwalk -c public router1 system.sysContact
	system.sysContact.0 = aviva at extension 12345

You can also get this information on the router itself. The following command shows all the settings in the system MIB:

	aviva@router1> show snmp mib walk system
	sysDescr.0 = JUNOS cookbook M20, aka router1
	sysObjectID.0 = jnxProductNameM20
	sysUpTime.0 = 2888368
	sysContact.0 = aviva at extension 12345
	sysName.0 = junos-cookbook-router
	sysLocation.0 = JUNOS cookbook kitchen
	sysServices.0 = 4

You can also look at a single MIB object:

	aviva@router1> show 
snmp mib get sysDescr.0
	sysDescr.0 = JUNOS cookbook M20, aka router1

In this command, specify both the name of the object and the instance, which is 0. Similarly, you can look at more than one object:

	aviva@router1> show snmp mib get "sysUpTime.0 sysName.0"
	sysUpTime.0 = 2865092
	sysName.0 = router1

For this command to work, make sure to enclose the list of objects in quotation marks.

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