Provisionally Activating a Configuration


You want to activate a new or modified router configuration but you are not sure whether the configuration will somehow disable the router.


Use the following command to commit the configuration changes provisionally:

commit confirmed
	commit confirmed will be automatically rolled back in 10 minutes unless confirmed
	commit complete

To make the provisional activation permanent, issue the following command:

	aviva@router1# commit
	commit complete



When you need to verify that a new or modified configuration is working properlyand especially if the changes might lock you out of the routeryou can provisionally commit it using the commit confirmed command.

By default, the commit confirmed command activates the configuration for 10 minutes. Within this time, you must explicitly confirm that the configuration is acceptableeither by issuing another commit command or by entering the commit check commandto make the provisional activation permanent. If you do not, the router loads and activates the previous configuration when 10 minutes have passed. You have to keep track of the time yourself, because the CLI doesn't warn you when it is expiring. The CLI displays a message if you do not confirm the commit when returning to the previous configuration:

	Broadcast Message from root@router1
	 (no tty) at 15:05 PDT…
	Commit was not confirmed; automatic rollback complete.

When working on a production router, if you are concerned that the change you are making might not go as expected, specify an interval of less than 10 minutes. If you are quite worried, one minute might be as long as you want to wait:

	aviva@router1# commit confirmed 1
	commit confirmed will be automatically rolled back in 1 minutes unless confirmed
	commit complete

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