Gathering Information Before Contacting Support


A problem has occurred on the router and you need to gather basic information before contacting support.


Use the following command to gather information about the router:

request support information | save support-file



The request support information command actually runs a number of JUNOS commands that provide detailed information and status about the running hardware and software, boot and log messages, the configuration itself, and the router's interfaces. The output of this command is quite extensive, so you should always save it to a file. Then copy the file to a server for further analysis or to send to technical support.

If a problem is occurring on your router, you should check for core dumps, which are files that contain information about the start of the router or of particular processes just before they crashed. Core dumps are placed in the /var/tmp directory, and the software also saves a compressed version of the file that you can provide to support:

	aviva@router1> file list detail /var/tmp
	total 505330
	-rw-------1 root field 185309 Apr 26 00:32 snmpd.core-tarball.0.tgz
	-rw-rw----1 root field 1314816 Apr 26 00:32 snmpd.core.0

If you suspect that faulty hardware is causing or contributing to a problem, use the show chassis hardware command, or its detail version, to get the serial number, version, and part number for that component.

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