Sending Version 1 Update Messages


You want your router to send route updates that can be understood by legacy RIP Version 1 devices.


You configure RIP to send update messages that the RIP Version 1 routers can understand:

	[edit protocols]
	aviva@RouterA# set rip group alpha-rip-group neighbor fe-0/0/0 send broadcast



When you enable RIP on an interface, the router receives both RIP Version 1 and Version 2 update messages but sends only RIP Version 2 updates. If you have devices in your network that are still using RIP Version 1, you want them to be able to receive update messages. The send broadcast configuration statement sets RIP to send both Version 1 and Version 2 update packets.

When you look at the RIP interfaces now, you see that the send mode for interface fe-/0/00 has changed from mcast to bcast:

	aviva@RouterA> show rip neighbor fe-0/0/0
	 Source Destination Send Receive In
	Neighbor State Address Address Mode Mode Met
	-------- ----- ------- ----------- ---- ------- ---
	fe-0/0/0.0 Up bcast both 1

You can verify that the neighboring router is receiving RIP Version 1 updates by issuing the show rip statistics command on the RIP neighbor:

	aviva@RouterE> run show rip statistics fe-1/0/0.0
	RIPv2 info: port 520; update interval 30s; holddown 180s; timeout 120s.
	 rts learned rts held down rqsts dropped resps dropped
	 18 0 0 0
	fe-1/0/0.0: 4 routes learned; 17 routes advertised
	Counter Total Last 5 min Last minute
	------- ----------- ----------- -----------
	Updates Sent 2690 11 2
	Triggered Updates Sent 10 0 0
	Responses Sent 0 0 0
	Bad Messages 2 1 1
	RIPv1 Updates Received 2 1 1
	RIPv1 Bad Route Entries 0 0 0
	RIPv1 Updates Ignored 0 0 0
	RIPv2 Updates Received 2753 10 1
	RIPv2 Bad Route Entries 57 0 0
RIPv2 Updates Ignored 0 0 0
	Authentication Failures 0 0 0
RIP Requests Received 0 0 0
	RIP Requests Ignored 0 0 0

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