FAT Data Structures

In the previous chapter, we examined the basic concepts of a FAT file system and how to analyze it. Now we are going to get more detailed and examine the data structures that make up FAT. This chapter will ignore the five-category model and instead focus on each individual data structure. This makes it easier to understand FAT because many of the data structures are in more than one category. I assume that you have already read Chapter 9, "FAT Concepts and Analysis," or that you are reading it in parallel. All the hexdumps and data shown in this chapter correspond to the data that were analyzed in Chapter 9 using tools from The Sleuth Kit (TSK).

Part I: Foundations

Digital Investigation Foundations

Computer Foundations

Hard Disk Data Acquisition

Part II: Volume Analysis

Volume Analysis

PC-based Partitions

Server-based Partitions

Multiple Disk Volumes

Part III: File System Analysis

File System Analysis

FAT Concepts and Analysis

FAT Data Structures

NTFS Concepts

NTFS Analysis

NTFS Data Structures

Ext2 and Ext3 Concepts and Analysis

Ext2 and Ext3 Data Structures

UFS1 and UFS2 Concepts and Analysis

UFS1 and UFS2 Data Structures




File System Forensic Analysis
File System Forensic Analysis
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