VPN Technologies

Before I can begin discussing VPN implementations such as Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol (L2TP), Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), you first need an understanding of the technologies that VPNs can use to provide protection for traffic. I'm sure you have already heard of terms such as keys, DES, 3DES, MD5, pre-shared keys, and the like; however, an in-depth understanding of these protocols, algorithms, functions, and processes will help you determine the pros and cons of VPN technologies. Use this information to pick the optimal VPN implementation based on the type of technologies you'll need to protect your traffic.

I've broken this chapter into five sections: keys, encryption, packet authentication, key exchange, and authentication methods. This chapter will discuss these technologies and how they are related to VPNs, including the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies for a particular category, for example, using a pre-shared key or keys for authentication versus digital certificates.

Part I: VPNs

Overview of VPNs

VPN Technologies




Part II: Concentrators

Concentrator Product Information

Concentrator Remote Access Connections with IPsec

Concentrator Remote Access Connections with PPTP, L2TP, and WebVPN

Concentrator Site-to-Site Connections

Concentrator Management

Verifying and Troubleshooting Concentrator Connections

Part III: Clients

Cisco VPN Software Client

Windows Software Client

3002 Hardware Client

Part IV: IOS Routers

Router Product Information

Router ISAKMP/IKE Phase 1 Connectivity

Router Site-to-Site Connections

Router Remote Access Connections

Troubleshooting Router Connections

Part V: PIX Firewalls

PIX and ASA Product Information

PIX and ASA Site-to-Site Connections

PIX and ASA Remote Access Connections

Troubleshooting PIX and ASA Connections

Part VI: Case Study

Case Study


The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
ISBN: 1587052040
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 178
Authors: Richard Deal

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