In this chapter we presented a brief "getting started" tutorial that introduced you to the basics of MySQL stored programs. We showed you how to:

  • Create a simple "Hello World" stored procedure.
  • Define local variables and procedure parameters.
  • Perform conditional execution with the IF statement.
  • Perform iterative processing with simple loops.
  • Include SQL statements inside stored procedures, including how to perform row-at-a-time processing with cursors.
  • Call a stored program from another stored program.
  • Create a stored function (and differentiate stored functions from stored procedures).
  • Create a trigger on a table to automate denormalization.
  • Call a stored procedure from PHP.

Figure 2-19. Sample PHP program calling a stored procedure

You may now be tempted to put down this book and start writing MySQL stored programs. If so, we congratulate you on your enthusiasm. May we suggest, however, that you first spend some time reading more detailed explanations of each of these areas of functionality in the following chapters? That way, you are likely to make fewer mistakes and write higher-quality code.

Figure 2-20. Output from our PHP example

Part I: Stored Programming Fundamentals

Introduction to MySQL Stored Programs

MySQL Stored Programming Tutorial

Language Fundamentals

Blocks, Conditional Statements, and Iterative Programming

Using SQL in Stored Programming

Error Handling

Part II: Stored Program Construction

Creating and Maintaining Stored Programs

Transaction Management

MySQL Built-in Functions

Stored Functions


Part III: Using MySQL Stored Programs in Applications

Using MySQL Stored Programs in Applications

Using MySQL Stored Programs with PHP

Using MySQL Stored Programs with Java

Using MySQL Stored Programs with Perl

Using MySQL Stored Programs with Python

Using MySQL Stored Programs with .NET

Part IV: Optimizing Stored Programs

Stored Program Security

Tuning Stored Programs and Their SQL

Basic SQL Tuning

Advanced SQL Tuning

Optimizing Stored Program Code

Best Practices in MySQL Stored Program Development

MySQL Stored Procedure Programming
MySQL Stored Procedure Programming
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