Hacks 14-21

Stand in the place where you live
(Now face north)
Think about direction
Wonder why you haven't before

REM, "Stand"

Beyond the scope of our own lives, we find the past, present, and future of the places we inhabit and the other people that inhabit them. Maps offer the chance to tell new narratives about familiar places. From health code violations to campaign contributions, from demographic models to elevation models, our immediate environment is awash in geographic detail, waiting to be shown on a map and its stories told to the world. In this chapter, we explore the dimensions that "Mapping Your Neighborhood" can take on.

Mapping Your Life

Mapping Your Neighborhood

Mapping Your World

Mapping (on) the Web

Mapping with Gadgets

Mapping on Your Desktop

Names and Places

Building the Geospatial Web

Mapping with Other People

Mapping Hacks
Mapping Hacks: Tips & Tools for Electronic Cartography
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