Project 3A. Emergency


  1. Format Slide Text

  2. Modify Placeholders

  3. Modify Slide Master Elements

  4. Insert Clip Art

Project 3B Volunteer Opportunities Presentation


  1. Apply Bullets and Numbering

  2. Customize a Color Scheme

  3. Modify the Slide Background

  4. Apply an Animation Scheme

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University Medical Center Office of Public Affairs

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The University Medical Center is a premier patient-care and research institution serving Orange Beach, Florida. To promote and maintain the Centers sterling reputation, the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) publishes, both locally and nationally, the Centers services, achievements, and professional staff. The OPA staff interacts with the media, writes press releases and announcements, prepares marketing materials, develops public awareness campaigns, maintains a speakers bureau of experts, and conducts media training for physicians and researchers.

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Formatting a Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid in which well-designed slides help the audience understand complex information while keeping them focused on the message. Color is an important element that provides uniformity and visual interest. When used correctly, color enhances your slides and draws the audiences interest by creating focus. When designing the background and element colors for your presentation, use a consistent look throughout the presentation and be sure that the colors you use provide contrast so that the text is visible on the background.

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In Activities 3.1 through 3.15, you will format a presentation regarding emergency preparedness plans developed by the University Medical Center. The six slides of your completed project will look similar to Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1. Project 3AEmergency

For Project 3A, you will need the following files:



You will save your presentation as


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