Objective 4. Import Text from Word

A PowerPoint presentation is based on an outline in which bullets are assigned to varying outline text levels. The outline can be typed in PowerPoint or it can be created in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, and then imported into a PowerPoint presentation. During the import process, PowerPoint converts slide titles and bullet levels based on the indent levels in the imported Microsoft Word document.

Activity 2.11. Importing a Word Outline

In this activity, you will import a Microsoft Word outline that contains text for three of the slides in your presentation.


If necessary, Open your file 2B_History_Firstname_Lastname in Normal View . Display Slide 5. Close the task pane if it is open.


On the menu bar, click Insert, and then click Slides from Outline. Navigate to your student files, and then click p02B_Outline. In the lower right corner of the Insert Outline dialog box, click Insert, as shown in Figure 2.15.

Figure 2.15.

The Microsoft Word outline is converted into three new slidesSlides 6, 7, and 8.

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NoteChecking the File Type and Installing a Converter

If the list of files does not display, verify that at the bottom of the Insert Outline dialog box, the Files of type box displays All Outlines. Also, if a Microsoft Office PowerPoint dialog box displays a message that PowerPoint needs to install a converter, click Yes.


Save the presentation.

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