Objective 9. Create Labels Using the Mail Merge Wizard

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Special Column Formats

In the exercises in this chapter you created a simple one- or two-page newsletter. While desktop publishing software offers many more features for newsletter creation, Word can still be usedan advantage if you do not own desktop publishing software. Some additional features of Word can be applied to columns in a newsletter.


Start Word. On the menu bar, in the Type a question for help box, type Columns and then press Expand and review the topics that display. This information is a good review of the content in this chapter related to columns and also introduces some new information.


Open w04D_Council_News. From the Format menu, click Columns. In the Columns dialog box, experiment with the different preset column formats displayed. Use the Help pane to assist you as you experiment with different column formats.


Close your document without saving changes. Close Help, and then close Word.

Excel 2003

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