Objective 9. Use the Excel Help System

Excel's Help feature provides information about all of Excel's features and displays step-by-step instructions for performing many tasks.

Activity 1.18. Using the Excel Help System to Learn About Speech Playback

To get help with a feature in Excel, type a question to display related topics in the task pane. A feature of Excel is speech playback, in which you can hear confirmation of data as you type. In this activity, you will use the Microsoft Help feature to learn more about this feature, which could improve data entry accuracy at the Oceana Palm Grill restaurants.


At the right side of the menu bar, locate the Type a question for help box. Click in the box and type How do I use speech playback? and press . Compare your screen with Figure 1.69.

Figure 1.69.

The Search Results task pane displays a list of Help topics with hyperlinks (blue text) listed. Clicking on these hyperlinks will link you to additional information about the topic. The list of topics that display on your screen may vary if you are currently connected to the Internet.


On the list of Help topics, click About speech playback. On the Microsoft Excel Help window title bar, click the Maximize button . In the first paragraph, locate and then click the blue word toolbar to view a definition of the term, which displays in green.



Click the word toolbar again to collapse (hide) the definition. Then, in the Excel Help window, on the toolbar, if you want to do so click the Print button to print a copy of this information for your reference. Your name will not print.


On the Microsoft Excel Help title bar, click the Close button , and then on the Search Results task pane, click the Close button . On the right side of the Microsoft Excel title bar, click the Close button to close Excel.


You have completed Project 1A

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