Formatting and Organizing Text

Two Formatting and Organizing Text

In this chapter, you will: complete these projects and practice these skills.

Lake Michigan City College

Lake Michigan City College is located along the lakefront of Chicagoone of the nation's most exciting cities. The college serves its large and diverse student body and makes positive contributions to the community through relevant curricula, partnerships with businesses and nonprofit organizations, and learning experiences that allow students to be full participants in the global community. The college offers three associate degrees in 20 academic areas, adult education programs, and continuing education offerings on campus, at satellite locations, and online.

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Typing text is just the beginning of the process of creating an effective, professional-looking document. Microsoft Word provides many tools for formatting paragraphs and documents. For example, there are tools to create shortcuts for entering commonly used text, and quick ways to copy, cut, and move text. Word also provides tools to create specialized formats, such as footnotes, bulleted and numbered lists, and indented paragraphs.

In this chapter, you will format a letter from a travel club, and then you will create and format a research paper.

Project 2A Alaska Trip

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