Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

One Getting Started with PowerPoint 2003

In this chapter, you will: complete this project and practice these skills.

Project 1A Editing and Viewing a Presentation


  1. Start and Exit PowerPoint

  2. Edit a Presentation Using the Outline/Slides Pane

  3. Format and Edit a Presentation Using the Slide Pane

  4. View and Edit a Presentation in Slide Sorter View

  5. View a Slide Show

  6. Create Headers and Footers

  7. Print a Presentation

  8. Use PowerPoint Help

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The City of Desert Park

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Desert Park, Arizona, is a thriving city with a population of just under 1 million in an ideal location serving major markets in the western United States and Mexico. Desert Parks temperate year-round climate attracts both visitors and businesses, and it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The city expects and has plenty of space for long-term growth, and most of the undeveloped land already has a modern infrastructure and assured water supply in place.

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Presentation skills are among the most important skills you will ever learn. Good presentation skills enhance all your communicationswritten, electronic, and interpersonal. In our fast-paced world of email, pagers, and wireless phones, communicating ideas clearly and concisely is a critical personal skill. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 is a presentation graphics software program that you can use to effectively present information to your audience. PowerPoint is used to create electronic slide presentations, black-and-white or color overhead transparencies, and 35mm slides.

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