Objective 3. Create a Table in Word from Excel Data

Activity 2.4. Creating a Table in Word from Excel Data

You can copy and paste data from an Excel worksheet into Word. Word will create a table from the information. You can format this table as you would any other table you create in Word.


In the document, scroll down to see the heading East Campus. After the heading, on the first blank line, position the insertion point.

The information from the Excel worksheet will be pasted here.

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Start Excel. From the folder that contains your project files, Open the file Campus_List.xls. Save the file as Campus_List_Firstname_Lastname

When you select data in the rows and columns in Excel, select only the cells, not the row numbers that display to the left of the rows or the column letters above the columns.


Select the cells in the Excel worksheet that show the lab locations and information for the East Campus. On the Standard toolbar, click Copy.

Excel displays a moving border around the selected cells to verify your copy selection.


On the taskbar, click the button to return to your Word document. The insertion point should be under the East Campus heading. On the Standard toolbar, click Paste.

This adds the selected data from the Excel worksheet to your Word document. It will be similar to the table structure you created in the previous activity. The column sizing and bold headings were formatted in Excel and are copied into Word. Compare your screen with Figure 2.5.

Figure 2.5.


Save your Word file, and leave it open for the next activity.

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