Objective 12. Compare Data with a Line Chart

GO! with Help

Using Help to Find Information about Web Queries

In this chapter, you practiced skills to calculate and chart data from which you can analyze the data and recognize relationships and trends. You can download data from tables in Web pages using the Web Query command and use the skills you have practiced to chart and analyze that data.


Start Excel. In the Type a question for help box, type Web queries and then press .


In the Search Results task pane, click About getting data from a Web page.


In the displayed Microsoft Excel Help dialog box, click Use a Web query to get data that's refreshable and read the contents.

Refreshable Web queries are useful for data that is kept current on a Web page. This feature would be useful for sales people who, while traveling, need to constantly have the latest prices available. The refreshable Web query could download current prices whenever the sales person logged into his or her organization's Web site.


Close the Help window and then close Excel.

Three Using Functions and Data Tables

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