Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

Four Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

In this chapter, you will: complete these projects and practice these skills.

The City of Desert Park, Arizona

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Desert Park, Arizona, is a thriving city with a population of just under 1 million in an ideal location serving major markets in the western United States and Mexico. Desert Park's temperate year-round climate attracts both visitors and businesses, and it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The city expects and has plenty of space for long-term growth, and most of the undeveloped land already has a modern infrastructure and assured water supply in place.

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Creating a newsletter is usually a job reserved for desktop publishing programs, such as Microsoft Publisher. Word, however, has a number of tools that enable you to put together a simple, yet effective and attractive newsletter.

Newsletters consist of a number of elements, but nearly all have a title, story headlines, articles, and graphics. The text is often split into two or three columns, making it easier to read than one-column articles. Newsletters are often printed, but they can also be designed as Web pages. Two useful tools in Microsoft Word include research tools and mail merge. Use these tools to find information included in the Office package or information on the Web, and to create a mass mailing.

Project 4A Garden Newsletter

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