Objective 1. Export Access Data to Excel

Activity 1.1. Exporting Access Data to Excel

Access includes a tool to export data from an Access database structure to an Excel spreadsheet.


Start Access. Open the Access file Dept_Data.mdb from the folder that contains your project files. A database window displays.

An Access database can have many different objects that organize the database information and objects that output data for different uses. The types of Access objects are in the Objects list on the left side of the database window. Selecting an object type from the list will display the objects of that type on the right side of the database window.


In the database window, on the Objects list, click Queries to review the list of query objects.

A query uses criteria to select, sort, or manipulate only those records in the database meeting the criteria. Queries are useful for reports and for searching for data to meet specific conditions, such as a date or value.


Double-click the Weekly Salary Query to display the selected data.

You cannot save individual objects, like a query, as a file. Data is exported instead. Information can be maintained in an Access database and can be available for use by other applications through exporting.


On the File menu, click Export.


In the Export dialog box, navigate to the folder that contains your project files, and then in the File name box, type Meeting_Data_Firstname_Lastname

Access includes different file types to choose from to create the exported data file. An Excel file type is a good choice when you plan to use the information with other Office programs.


In the Save as type list, click Microsoft Excel 97 2003.


Click the Export All button. This saves all the data from the Access query as a new Excel file.


Close the Query window, and leave Access open for use later.

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