Objective 6. Create a Table from Existing Text

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Changing Text Orientation

You can change the orientation of text in a Word document so it is vertical instead of horizontal. You can do this in a table or by using a text box. There are several tutorials in the Word Help program that provide instructions on how to change the orientation of text.


Start Word. In the Type a question for help box, type text orientation Scroll through the list of topics that displays in the Search Results task pane. From this list of help topics, click Change the orientation of text.


In a blank document, create a text box and type your name. Follow the directions to practice changing the orientation in a text box.


Create a 2 by 3 (two rows by three columns) table and type random words in the table. Try changing the orientation of the first column of text in your table. Use Word Help if necessary to provide instructions. This process also works in drawing objects. Close the Help task pane and exit Word.

Four Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

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