Objective 6. Customize a Color Scheme

Recall that a color scheme is a palette of eight colors that is applied to various slide elements. Every PowerPoint design template includes a number of color schemes that coordinate with the templates background graphics. For example, the Blends design template includes six color schemes with black, blue, or white backgrounds and a variety of colored elements. You can pick another overall color scheme for a presentation but still keep the background graphics, fonts, and font sizes that are applicable to the design template that you are using.

In addition to choosing a new color scheme, you can customize a color scheme by changing individual color scheme elements. Thus, you can apply a design template to a presentation, and then change color elements to coordinate with the presentation that you are creating.

Activity 3.20. Applying a Slide Color Scheme


If necessary, Open the file 3B_Volunteers_Firstname_Lastname, and click Normal View to display the Outline/Slides pane. Click the Slides tab to display the slide thumbnails.


On the Formatting toolbar, click Slide Design and then in the upper section of the Slide Design task pane, click Color Schemes.

The six color schemes associated with the Blends design template display. Notice that the first color scheme in the second row is selected, indicating that it is the currently applied scheme. See Figure 3.27.

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Figure 3.27.


Click the color scheme that contains a white background with lavender, blue, and green accents.

Notice in the Outline/Slides pane that the color scheme is applied to the entire presentation.


Save the file.

NoteApplying Color Schemes to Individual or Selected Slides

The new color scheme can be applied to an individual slide or to a selection of slides. Select the slide(s) and then point to the desired scheme so that an arrow displays. Click the arrow to display a menu, and then click Apply to Selected Slides.

Activity 3.21. Modifying a Slide Color Scheme

To modify an individual color within the color scheme, use the Custom tab in the Edit Color Scheme dialog box. Recall that any changes you make to a color scheme can be applied to a single slide or to the entire presentation.

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If necessary, display the Slide Design task pane . At the bottom of the task pane, click Edit Color Schemes. In the Edit Color Scheme dialog box click the Custom tab.

The Edit Color Scheme dialog box displays the scheme colors and the associated slide elements. The current color scheme includes Title text that is a very dark blue. You can change this color to a lighter blue so that it contrasts with the bulleted text.


Under Scheme colors, click the fourth boxTitle textand then click Change Color, as shown in Figure 3.28.

Figure 3.28.


In the first row of the standard honeycomb, click the fourth color, and then click OK. Click Apply to change the title color.

Scroll through your presentation to view the changes to the title.


Save the file.

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