Project 3C. Loan Payment

In Activities 3.11 through 3.16, you will create a worksheet for Darron Jacobsen, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, which details the loan information to purchase and finance pickup trucks for campus maintenance crews. Darron plans to borrow money to pay for the trucks, and then pay off the loan in monthly payments. He must decide how to arrange the loan to buy the trucks he needs and still keep the monthly payment within his budget. You will create a worksheet containing payments for combinations of time periods and interest rates so that Darron can identify what range of rates and periods will meet his requirements. The worksheets of your workbook will look similar to Figure 3.27.

Figure 3.27.

For Project 3C, you will need the following file:

New blank workbook

You will save your workbook as


Objective 5 Use Financial Functions

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