Project 1A. Exploring Outlook 2003

In Activities 1.1 through 1.15, you will start Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and become familiar with the parts of Outlook. Then you will handle e-mail and activities for Darron Jacobsen, Vice President of Administrative Affairs at Lake Michigan City College. You will reply to his e-mail, store his contact and task information, and record appointments in his daily schedule. You will print an e-mail message, his Inbox, his Contacts and Tasks lists, and his schedule for the day. Upon completion, your Inbox, e-mail message, Contacts list, Tasks list, and calendar will look similar to the ones shown in Figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1.

For Project 1A, you will need the following file:


You will save your files as






Objective 1 Start and Navigate Outlook

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