Category: Logical

Syntax: IsValid ( expression )


expressionTypically a field name, but can be any valid FileMaker Pro calculation formula.

Data type returned: Number


Returns either a 1 (true) or a 0 (False), depending on whether the field or expression returns valid data.

IsValid returns a 0 if there is a data type mismatch (for example, text in a date field) or if FileMaker cannot locate the table or field that is referenced.

Otherwise it returns 1, indicating that the data is valid.




IsValid (myField)

Returns 1 (true) when myField is present and contains data appropriate to its defined data type.

IsValid (Contacts::Name)

Returns 0 (False) if the current record has no related records in the Contacts table, or if the fields in the records in question all contain invalid data.

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FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
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