Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( WindowDesktopWidth )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Number


Returns the width, in pixels, of the desktop space.

In Windows, the desktop space is the FileMaker Pro application window. Get (WindowDesktopWindow) measures the total horizontal space used by the application window. If the application is maximized, the application window width is the screen width, minus the width of the Start menu (if it's placed on the side of the screen).

On Mac OS X, the desktop space includes everything on the screen except the top menu bar and the Dock.

You cannot programmatically set the window desktop height or width, nor on Windows can you tell where the application window has been positioned on the user's monitor.




Get (WindowDesktopWidth)

Returns 1152 in the Mac OS when the current monitor's resolution is set to 1152x768 and the Dock is not showing.

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