Category: Design

Syntax: FieldIDs ( fileName; layoutName )


fileNameThe name of the open FileMaker database from which to return IDs.

layoutNameThe name of the layout from which to return field IDs.

Data type returned: Text


Returns a list of all FileMaker internal field IDs in fileName and layoutName, separated by carriage returns. Fields outside the current table context are returned as TableID::RelatedFieldID. If layoutName is empty, then the field IDs of the first table created (the "default" table) are returned.

Calls to FieldIDs() can be broken when file and layout names are changed. Field IDs are assigned by FileMaker and cannot be changed. In our practice we do not recommend using Field IDs when other means may exist to accomplish your needs.




FieldIDs ( "Invoices"; "List View" )

Returns IDs of all unique fields, including related fields, on the List View layout in Invoices. In this case the returned data might be 8::12. (Table with an ID of 8, field with ID of 12.)

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FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
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