Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( PrinterName )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Text


Returns information about the currently selected printer.

In Windows, Get (PrinterName) returns a text string containing the printer name, driver name, and printer port, separated by commas.

In Mac OS, Get (PrinterName) returns a text string with the name or IP address of the printer, and the name of the print queue, as it appears in the Print Center.

If in either operating system the printer information is unavailable for whatever reason, is returned.

If there are certain print jobs that require that a specific printer be selected, you can test for Get (PrinterName) within a script and ask the user to select a different printer if necessary.


In Windows,

 Get (PrinterName)

might return \server1Lexmark Optra M412 PS3, winspool,Ne02:.

In Mac OSX,

 Get (PrinterName)

may return the IP address

Or it may return the name of the current printer (if the printer is not networked). For example, hp Laserjet 4200.

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