Category: Text

Syntax: GetAsTimestamp ( text )


textAny text string or expression that returns a text string that contains a timestamp.

Data type returned: Timestamp


GetAsTimestamp() converts a timestamp contained in a text string into a data-type timestamp. It can then be used in formulas as any other timestamp would be.

GetAsTimestamp() also converts numbers into timestamps. See the Timestamp() function for more information on how timestamps can be represented as numbers.

Use GetAsTimestamp() anytime you include a literal string containing a timestamp. For instance, to find out the amount of time that has elapsed between a fixed time in the past and now, you would use the following formula:

 Timestamp (Get(CurrentDate); Get (CurrentTime) - GetAsTimestamp
 ("6/29/1969 4:23:56 PM"))




GetAsTimestamp ("1/1/2004 1:10:10")

Returns 1/1/2004 1:10:10.

GetAsTimeStamp (61997169000)

Returns 8/12/1965 7:50:00 pm.

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