Category: Design

Syntax: FieldBounds ( fileName; layoutName; fieldName )


fileNameName of the file where the field resides.

layoutNameName of the layout where the field resides.

fieldNameName of the field open.

Data type returned: Text


Returns the physical position and rotation of a field that is described by the parameters. Note that the parameters are text and must either be references to fields or enclosed in quotation marks. Results are returned as a space-delimited text string in the form of "Left Top Right Bottom Rotation." The first four of these values represent the distance in pixels from either the left margin of the layout (in the case of Left and Right) or the top margin (in the case of Top and Right). The Rotation value will be 0, 90, 180, or 270, depending on the field's orientation on the layout.

The values returned are delimited by spaces; the MiddleWords() function can easily be used to parse them.

Be aware that changing the name of a file, layout, or field may cause literal references to them to be broken in functions that use FieldBounds.

The field name that is passed to FieldBounds() must be the name from Define Database (not the field label); if a field appears on layout more than once, the one that is furthest in the rear in the layering order will be used.

Related fields must be referenced by RelationshipName::FieldName or FileName::FieldName.




FieldBounds ( myFile; myLayout; myField )

Might return 444 84 697 98 0.

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FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
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