Category: Date

Syntax: MonthName ( date )


dateAny valid date (1/1/000112/31/4000). The parameter should be a string containing a date (for example, "3/17/2004"), an expression with a date result (for example, Date (6, 29, 1969)), or an integer that represents a serialized date value (for example, 718977).

Data type returned: Text


Returns the month name of the specified date.

The MonthName() is frequently used for display purposes in subsummary reports. Although you display the name of the month, be sure that you summarize based on the month number (obtained with the Month() function). If you don , your report will be summarized alphabetically by month rather than chronologically by month.




MonthName ("1/1/2000")

Returns January.

MonthName ("5/20/2003")

Returns May.

MonthName (Get (CurrentDate) )

Might return March.

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