Developer Tools

Chaparral Software:

Chaparral Software publishes two tools that assist developers with the analysis of existing database solutions as well as the migration of data:

Brushfire: Creates an easy-to-read HTML document illustrating script relationships, designed to aid in refactoring. Aids in migration from FileMaker 6 to FileMaker 7.

EZxslt: Produces perfectly formatted Microsoft Word documents by generating XSLT stylesheets based on templates. Allows for a better way to do mail merges, contracts, and more.


ERWIN is a Windows-only data modeling tool published by Computer Associates.


Visio, published by Microsoft, is a Windows-only technical diagramming tool that does a great job on entity-relationship (ER) diagrams.


OmniGraffle, published by The Omni Group, is a Mac OS Xbased diagramming and charting tool that also does a great job on ER diagrams.

WinA&D & MacA&D:

WinA&D and MacA&D, published by Excel Software, are CASE tools, useful for generating ER diagrams.


MetadataMagic, published by New Millenium, is an outstanding database analysis tool. The File Reference Fixer feature is an essential tool for assisting with migration of pre-FileMaker 7 databases to the FileMaker 7 format.

FMrobot, also published by New Millennium, this tool allows the easy moving of tables, fields, custom functions, value lists, and privilege sets among files.

Conversion Log Analysis Tool, published by New Millenium, this imports the conversion log that is generated when files are converted. It presents the important issues to the user, with appropriate ranking of significance, and provides an interface so that they can be grouped by category of problem, rather than only by file, as is the default.

FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
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