Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( CurrentTimestamp )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Timestamp


Returns the current timestamp (date and time) according to the local system clock to the nearest second.

Note that a timestamp is stored internally as an integer that represents the number of seconds since 1/1/0001. Therefore, calculations that use seconds as the base unit can be performed on timestamp data types.

Get (CurrentTimeStamp) uses the date and time settings of the local machine (client) and may be less useful or accurate than Get (CurrentHostTimeStamp) in a database that is accessed by clients from different time zones.




Get (CurrentTimeStamp)

Might return 1/25/2004 8:28:05 PM.

GetAsDate (CurrentTimeStamp)

Extracts the date from a timestamp.

GetAsTime (CurrentTimeStamp)

Extracts the time from a timestamp.

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