Category: Get

Syntax: Get ( LastODBCError )

Parameters: None

Data type returned: Text


Returns a string that shows the ODBC error state (SQLSTATE), as published by ODBC standards, based on ISO/IEF standards.

The ODBC error state is cleared at the time the next ODBC-related script step is performed. Anytime before that happens, you can check to see whether an ODBC error was generated.

By setting the Set Error Capture script step to On, you can suppress the error messages that a user sees during execution of a script that uses ODBC functions.


When attempting to execute a SQL statement with an invalid field name, Get (LastODBCError) Returns S0022.

If no error is encountered, Get (LastODBCError) Returns 00000.

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FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference
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