Configuration Management

As discussed in Chapter 4, the security Cisco ASA keeps two copies of the configuration:

  • Active or running configuration
  • Saved or startup configuration

The running configuration on the security Cisco ASA can be maintained and managed by browsing the File menu options, as shown in Figure 18-17.

Figure 18-17. Running Configuration Management

Here are the options available under the File menu:

  • Refresh ASDM with the Running Configuration on the Device ASDM can poll the security Cisco ASA and update its configuration using the running configuration of the Cisco ASA.
  • Reset Device to the Factory Default Configuration Clears the running configuration of the security Cisco ASA. This is equivalent to issuing clear configuration all from the CLI. This action prompts you to assign an IP address to the management interface. This way, the ASDM client can restore connectivity to the security Cisco ASA.
  • Show Running Configuration in New Window Opens a new window on the desktop with the current running configuration.
  • Save Running Configuration to Flash Saves the running configuration in the NVRAM. This is equivalent to issuing copy running-config startup-config from the CLI.
  • Save Running Configuration to TFTP Server Use this option to store a copy of the running configuration to an external TFTP server for backup purposes.
  • Save Running Configuration to Standby Unit If failover is set up, select this option to ensure that the backup security Cisco ASA is synchronized with the current running configuration of the active Cisco ASA.

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