Troubleshooting AAA


Cisco ASA supports several AAA solutions for different services. It ensures the enforcement of assigned policies by allowing you to control who can log into the Cisco ASA or into the network. Additionally, it controls what each user is allowed to do. It can also record security audit information using accounting services. This chapter covered how Cisco ASA can use authentication services to control pass-through access by requiring valid user credentials. It also demonstrated how Cisco ASA is configured to authenticate administrative sessions from Telnet, SSH, serial console, and ASDM.

This chapter demonstrated how authorization can enforce per-user access control after authentication is done. It guided you to configure the Cisco ASA appliance to authorize management and administrative commands and network access.

The Cisco ASA accounting services track traffic that passes through the security appliance, enabling you to have a record of user activity. This chapter also demonstrated how you can enable accounting to track and audit user activity.

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