Case Studies

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Deploying the Cisco ASA at branch offices and small businesses
  • Deploying the Cisco ASA as a large enterprise firewall, VPN, and IPS
  • Deploying the Cisco ASA to provide data center security

This chapter provides a series of real-life examples of how Cisco ASA appliances are deployed at small, medium, and large organizations. Several case studies, based on the organization used in previous chapters (SecureMe), demonstrate how the Cisco ASA can help secure organizations of all sizes.

The first case study demonstrates how a business partner (Partner-A) uses Cisco ASA to provide firewall protection to its network and to communicate over a secure VPN connection to SecureMe's regional site in Washington. Additionally, this case study demonstrates an example of a remote branch office implementation.

The second case study shows how SecureMe deploys Cisco ASA to provide high-availability protection from its Internet with Anti-X and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) services. Furthermore, a cluster of Cisco ASA appliances is implemented for a remote-access VPN.

The final, third case study demonstrates how Cisco ASA is deployed to provide data center security with high availability and inline IPS services.

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