Three Key Principles

Before we review the checklist items that will drive our project ending efforts, let's touch on the key principles that drive a successful project close:

  • It is earned along the way The main purpose of project management is to achieve the success criteria set forth at the beginning of the project and to meet stakeholder expectations throughout the project. If this is done, a successful project close is almost guaranteed. If not, this is generally why unofficial games like "activate the spin machine," "pick the fallguy," and "bring in the lawyers" were invented.
  • Think end from the start A key part of the project plan must focus on how this will look when we are done, who will own and operate the deliverables, and how to transition those deliverables to them. Many projects have difficulty ending because this process is not clear or understood.
  • Bring closure To avoid the emptiness and frustration that is frequently experienced when there is not proper closure, make sure to properly acknowledge the contributions of all project participants, close out the legal and accounting elements, and officially signal that the project is complete.

Part i. Project Management Jumpstart

Project Management Overview

The Project Manager

Essential Elements for any Successful Project

Part ii. Project Planning

Defining a Project

Planning a Project

Developing the Work Breakdown Structure

Estimating the Work

Developing the Project Schedule

Determining the Project Budget

Part iii. Project Control

Controlling a Project

Managing Project Changes

Managing Project Deliverables

Managing Project Issues

Managing Project Risks

Managing Project Quality

Part iv. Project Execution

Leading a Project

Managing Project Communications

Managing Expectations

Keys to Better Project Team Performance

Managing Differences

Managing Vendors

Ending a Project

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Absolute Beginner[ap]s Guide to Project Management
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