Setting the Stage for Success

Pick your cliché of choice here: "getting everyone on the same page," "singing from the same songbook," "dancing to the same beat," "pointed in the same direction," and "painting the picture." They all apply, and they all communicate the importance of getting the key project participants to agree on the answers to these seven basic project definition questions:

  1. Why are we doing this? (Purpose)
  2. What organizational level goal(s) does this project support? (Goals and Objectives)
  3. How does this project fit with the other projects that are going on? (Scope, Project Context, Project Dependencies)
  4. What is the expected benefit from this project? (Expected Benefits, Business Case, Value, Success Criteria)
  5. What are we going to do? (Scope)
  6. Who is impacted by this and who must be involved? (Stakeholders)
  7. How will we know when we are done or if the project was successful? (Success Criteria)

Gaining consensus on these questions is paramount to managing the organizational level factors that get projects in trouble (such as alignment with organization and management support) and to controlling key project level factors that impact project success: stakeholder expectations and scope management.

Part i. Project Management Jumpstart

Project Management Overview

The Project Manager

Essential Elements for any Successful Project

Part ii. Project Planning

Defining a Project

Planning a Project

Developing the Work Breakdown Structure

Estimating the Work

Developing the Project Schedule

Determining the Project Budget

Part iii. Project Control

Controlling a Project

Managing Project Changes

Managing Project Deliverables

Managing Project Issues

Managing Project Risks

Managing Project Quality

Part iv. Project Execution

Leading a Project

Managing Project Communications

Managing Expectations

Keys to Better Project Team Performance

Managing Differences

Managing Vendors

Ending a Project

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Absolute Beginner[ap]s Guide to Project Management
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