A PostgreSQL administrator is responsible for ensuring that authorized users can do what they need to do. An administrator is also responsible for making sure that authorized users can do only what they need to do. Another critical job is to keep intruders away from the user's data.

There are two aspects to PostgreSQL securityauthentication and access. Authenti cation ensures that a user is in fact who he claims to be. After you are satisfied that a user has proven his identity, you must ensure that he can access the data that he needs.

Each user (or group) requires access to a specific set of resources. For example, an accounting clerk needs access to vendor and customer records, but may not require access to payroll data. A payroll clerk, on the other hand, needs access to payroll data, but not to customer records. One of your jobs as an administrator is to grant the proper privileges to each user.

Another aspect of security in general is the problem of securing PostgreSQL's runtime environment. Depending on your security requirements (that is, the sensitivity of your data), it may be appropriate to install network firewalls, secure routers, and possibly even biometric access controls. Securing your runtime environment is a problem that is not unique to PostgreSQL, and I won't explore that topic further in this book.

Chapter 23, "Security," shows you how to grant and revoke user privileges and also covers how to prevent tampering by intruders. I'll show you how to secure PostgreSQL data, configuration, and program files on Linux/Unix systems and on Windows hosts.

Part I: General PostgreSQL Use

Introduction to PostgreSQL and SQL

Working with Data in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL SQL Syntax and Use


Part II: Programming with PostgreSQL

Introduction to PostgreSQL Programming

Extending PostgreSQL


The PostgreSQL C APIlibpq

A Simpler C APIlibpgeasy

The New PostgreSQL C++ APIlibpqxx

Embedding SQL Commands in C Programsecpg

Using PostgreSQL from an ODBC Client Application

Using PostgreSQL from a Java Client Application

Using PostgreSQL with Perl

Using PostgreSQL with PHP

Using PostgreSQL with Tcl and Tcl/Tk

Using PostgreSQL with Python

Npgsql: The .NET Data Provider

Other Useful Programming Tools

Part III: PostgreSQL Administration

Introduction to PostgreSQL Administration

PostgreSQL Administration

Internationalization and Localization


Replicating PostgreSQL Data with Slony

Contributed Modules


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