Client 3Query Processing

Client 4An Interactive Query Processor

You now have most of the pieces that you need to build a general-purpose query processor within a web browser. Our next client simply prompts the user for a SQL command, executes the command, and displays the results.

If you want to try this on your own web server, be sure that you understand the security implications. If you follow the examples in this chapter, your PHP script will use a hard-coded username to connect to PostgreSQL. Choose a user with very few privileges. In fact, most PHP/PostgreSQL sites should probably define a user account specifically designed for web access. If you're not careful, you'll grant John Q. Hacker permissions to alter important data.

We'll start out with a simple script and then refine it as we discover problems.

First, you need an HTML page that displays a welcome and prompts the user for a SQL command. Listing 15.16 shows the client4.html document.

Listing 15.16. client4.html


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