Chapter 4, "Performance," covered the basics of performance analysis and query tuning in PostgreSQL. As an administrator, you need to ensure that your users are getting the best possible performance from the database. Application developers are usually responsible for tuning the interaction between their application and the database, but the administrator is responsible for the performance of the database as a whole.

PostgreSQL provides a number of configuration parameters that control the query planner and optimizer. Starting with release 7.2, PostgreSQL also offers performance-monitoring tools that you can use to watch for poor performance before your users complain.

If you are an administrator, it's a good idea to review the material in Chapter 4. Understanding performance monitoring and tuning will help narrow your focus when you are tracking down a performance problem.

You should also formulate a plan for periodic routine maintenance. For example, you decide that you should VACUUM and VACUUM ANALYZE all tables every weekend. You may also want to CLUSTER important tables on a regular basis.

Part I: General PostgreSQL Use

Introduction to PostgreSQL and SQL

Working with Data in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL SQL Syntax and Use


Part II: Programming with PostgreSQL

Introduction to PostgreSQL Programming

Extending PostgreSQL


The PostgreSQL C APIlibpq

A Simpler C APIlibpgeasy

The New PostgreSQL C++ APIlibpqxx

Embedding SQL Commands in C Programsecpg

Using PostgreSQL from an ODBC Client Application

Using PostgreSQL from a Java Client Application

Using PostgreSQL with Perl

Using PostgreSQL with PHP

Using PostgreSQL with Tcl and Tcl/Tk

Using PostgreSQL with Python

Npgsql: The .NET Data Provider

Other Useful Programming Tools

Part III: PostgreSQL Administration

Introduction to PostgreSQL Administration

PostgreSQL Administration

Internationalization and Localization


Replicating PostgreSQL Data with Slony

Contributed Modules


PostgreSQL(c) The comprehensive guide to building, programming, and administering PostgreSQL databases
PostgreSQL(c) The comprehensive guide to building, programming, and administering PostgreSQL databases
ISBN: 735712573
Year: 2004
Pages: 261

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