Hardware Hygiene

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Computers can get dirty inside. While even computers in particularly clean environments get dusty inside, computers in dirty environments, such as industrial settings or homes of people who smoke, get extraordinarily dirty. This dirt and dust can interfere with cooling and even electrical connections inside a computer.

Vacuuming and Spray Cleaning

This dirt and dust should be cleaned out periodically using compressed air sprays of the non-flammable and non-CFC type, and by vacuuming. Mini Shop Vac® vacuums are particularly good for this task. It is best to spray and vacuum simultaneously. Spray in cooling fans and in any spot where you see dust buildup. One place dust seems to accumulate is behind the front panel. If you are cleaning a computer whose front panel can be removed, doing so allows easier access to the dust. There are a few precautions to consider:

  • Turn off the computer first before vacuuming to prevent damage from flying debris or rapid cooling.

  • Make sure the vacuum doesn't pull cables off their connectors.

  • Do not rub the nozzle or brush directly on components.

  • Do not invert the spray can. Doing so can emit harmful freezing gas.

 On the CD  For a video demonstration of how to vacuum the dust from computers, see the video entitled Vacuuming and Cleaning Computers on the accompanying CD-ROM. The file is called  vacuuming.mpg.

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