Give Me an Order of Persistence, but Hold the Pickles

So far in this book, we've used Python in the system programming, GUI development, and Internet scripting domains -- three of Python's most common applications. In the next three chapters, we're going to take a quick look at other major Python programming topics: persistent data, data structure techniques, and text and language processing tools. None of these are covered exhaustively (each could easily fill a book alone), but we'll sample Python in action in these domains and highlight their core concepts. If any of these chapters spark your interest, additional resources are readily available in the Python world.

Introducing Python

Part I: System Interfaces

System Tools

Parallel System Tools

Larger System Examples I

Larger System Examples II

Part II: GUI Programming

Graphical User Interfaces

A Tkinter Tour, Part 1

A Tkinter Tour, Part 2

Larger GUI Examples

Part III: Internet Scripting

Network Scripting

Client-Side Scripting

Server-Side Scripting

Larger Web Site Examples I

Larger Web Site Examples II

Advanced Internet Topics

Part IV: Assorted Topics

Databases and Persistence

Data Structures

Text and Language

Part V: Integration

Extending Python

Embedding Python

VI: The End

Conclusion Python and the Development Cycle

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