Embedding Python

    Section 20.1.  "Add Python. Mix Well. Repeat."

    Section 20.2.  C Embedding API Overview

    Section 20.3.  Basic Embedding Techniques

    Section 20.4.  Registering Callback Handler Objects

    Section 20.5.  Using Python Classes in C

    Section 20.6.  ppembed: A High-Level Embedding API

    Section 20.7.  Other Integration Topics

Introducing Python

Part I: System Interfaces

System Tools

Parallel System Tools

Larger System Examples I

Larger System Examples II

Part II: GUI Programming

Graphical User Interfaces

A Tkinter Tour, Part 1

A Tkinter Tour, Part 2

Larger GUI Examples

Part III: Internet Scripting

Network Scripting

Client-Side Scripting

Server-Side Scripting

Larger Web Site Examples I

Larger Web Site Examples II

Advanced Internet Topics

Part IV: Assorted Topics

Databases and Persistence

Data Structures

Text and Language

Part V: Integration

Extending Python

Embedding Python

VI: The End

Conclusion Python and the Development Cycle

Programming Python
Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition
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