Network Security Device Best Practices

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Applied Knowledge Questions

The following questions are designed to test your knowledge of network security deployment options and best deployment practices, and they sometimes build on knowledge found elsewhere in the book. You might find that each question has more than one possible answer. The answers provided in Appendix B are intended to reinforce concepts that you can apply in your own networking environment.


Assume you are adding a NIDS to a three-interface firewall design. If you have budget for only one sensor, where should it go?


Assume the same design as the previous question, but now you have budget for two NIDS sensors. Where do you put them?


Your boss has asked you to select a device to provide connectivity to 50 branch offices. Each branch office requires VPN connectivity, routing, firewalling, and an IDS. Budget and manageability are key concerns. Which device, or devices, should you recommend?


Which future technology might make using NIDS to stop attacks more viable?


When might you want to have more than one public services segment on your Internet edge?


What is the most important component of any security technology deployed on an open source, noncommercially supported platform?

Part I. Network Security Foundations

Network Security Axioms

Security Policy and Operations Life Cycle

Secure Networking Threats

Network Security Technologies

Part II. Designing Secure Networks

Device Hardening

General Design Considerations

Network Security Platform Options and Best Deployment Practices

Common Application Design Considerations

Identity Design Considerations

IPsec VPN Design Considerations

Supporting-Technology Design Considerations

Designing Your Security System

Part III. Secure Network Designs

Edge Security Design

Campus Security Design

Teleworker Security Design

Part IV. Network Management, Case Studies, and Conclusions

Secure Network Management and Network Security Management

Case Studies



Appendix A. Glossary of Terms

Appendix B. Answers to Applied Knowledge Questions

Appendix C. Sample Security Policies

INFOSEC Acceptable Use Policy

Password Policy

Guidelines on Antivirus Process


Network Security Architectures
Network Security Architectures
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