Visual Studio.NET: Platform of Choice

Visual Studio NET Platform of Choice


.NET comes with a powerful, rich class library that enables the creation of complex applications with a minimum of effort. The prototype application has shown that the IDE makes it easy to design user interfaces and implement the underlying logic. Complex canned user interface elements, such as the monthly calendar, reduce the programming effort. They are no longer an exclusive feature of Visual Basic but are available to all .NET programming languages.

Furthermore, programming in C# does not seem to introduce a high learning curve for developers who have C++ experience. In addition, C# gives us managed code and garbage collection, which make applications much more robust. They also reduce the implementation effort for almost any task because the developer can focus on logistics instead of resource management.

Developing the prototype has demonstrated that the .NET Framework, together with Microsoft Visual Studio and C#, makes a feasible platform for developing smart client applications for Windows.

Introducing .NET

Introducing Software Engineering

A .NET Prototype

Project Planning

The Photo Editor Application

GDI+ Graphics Extensions

Advanced GDI+ Operations

Dynamic Loading of Components

Accessing System Resources

Performance Optimization, Multithreading, and Profiling

Building the Web Application with ASP.NET

Security and Database Access

Product Release

. NET-A Complete Development Cycle
.NET-A Complete Development Cycle
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