Design of the Advanced GDI+ Extensions


To accommodate the new features, we extend the design by adding two new components: the rectangular frame and the ellipsoidal frame. In addition, we declare new member variables to hold additional information that is needed to draw the graphics primitives with the specified color and line width. Figure 7.2 shows the updated class diagram of the photo editor.

Figure 7.2. The Class Diagram


Now that the design is specified, we have some project management issues to take care of before we start the implementation of the new features.

Introducing .NET

Introducing Software Engineering

A .NET Prototype

Project Planning

The Photo Editor Application

GDI+ Graphics Extensions

Advanced GDI+ Operations

Dynamic Loading of Components

Accessing System Resources

Performance Optimization, Multithreading, and Profiling

Building the Web Application with ASP.NET

Security and Database Access

Product Release

. NET-A Complete Development Cycle
.NET-A Complete Development Cycle
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