Article 340 Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable Type UF

I. General





A factory assembly with an integral covering of nonmetallic material for direct burial in the earth.


Listing Requirements


II. Installation


Uses Permitted

It can be used for underground work including direct burial. Refer to 300.5 for underground requirements. If used as single conductor cables, all conductors of the feeder grounded conductor or branch circuit, including the grounded conductor and equipment grounding conductor, must conform to 300.3. It can be used for interior wiring in wet, dry, or corrosive areas provided that all other conditions are met. In certain of these cases, as described in Section 690.31, it can be used for solar photovoltaic systems. Single conductor cables can be nonheating leads for heating cable. If supported by cable trays, this cable must be multiconductor. If installed in accordance with Parts II and III of Article 334 it can be used as nonmetallic sheathed cable. In this case it must be multiconductor type.


Uses Not Permitted

This type of cable cannot be used for service entrances, in commercial garages, in theaters, in storage battery rooms, in motion picture studios, in hazardous locations, in hoistways, in poured cement except as permitted in 424.43, where exposed to direct rays of sun unless approved for sunlight installation, where subject to physical damage, or as an overhead cable except as messanger supported wiring.


Bending Radius



Refer to 310.15, 60°C (140°F) conductors.

III. Construction Specifications



This cable is Type UF. Sizes allowed are minimum 14 AWG copper or 12 AWG aluminum or copper-clad aluminum and maximum 4/0 AWG.


Equipment Grounding

The cable can have an insulated or bare conductor only for equipment grounding purposes.



Moisture resistant type found in Table 310.13. If installed as a substitute for NM cable, the insulation must be rated at 90°C (194°F).



Flame retardant; moisture, fugus, and corrosion resistant, suitable for direct burial in earth.

Article 90 Introduction


Wiring and Protection

Wiring Methods and Materials

Equipment for General Use

Special Occupancies

Special Equipment

Special Conditions


Annex C. Conduit and Tubing Fill Tables for Conductors and Fixture Wires of the Same Size

Annex D. Examples

Annex E. Types of Construction

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