Article 336 Power and Control Tray Cable Type TC

I. General





This cable is factory assembled with a nonmetallic jacket containing two or more insulated conductors with or without bare or covered grounding conductors.

II. Installation


Uses Permitted

This cable can be used for power, lighting, control, and signal circuits; in cable trays, raceways, or supported by messenger wire; under certain conditions where permitted by Article 725 for Class 1 circuits; for nonpower-limited fire alarm circuits in accordance with Section 760.27; and for industrial establishments with qualified supervision and maintenance. There are additional requirements for support, identification, and equipment grounding in industrial locations. If installed in wet locations the cable must be resistant to moisture and corrosive agents.


Uses Not Permitted

Type TC cable cannot be used where exposed to physical damage; installed outside of a cable tray system or raceway unless permitted in 336.10(6); where exposed to direct sunlight unless sunlight resistant; and direct buried unless approved for that purpose.


Bending Radius




III. Construction Specifications



A metallic sheath cannot be put over or under the nonmetallic sheath. Metallic sheaths can be put over groups of conductors, under the outer jacket or both.



Minimum-size conductors are 18 AWG for copper and 12 AWG for aluminum and copper-clad aluminum. Maximum size is 1000 kcmil. 14 AWG copper and larger and 12 AWG or larger aluminum or copper-clad aluminum are to be of the types shown in Table 310.13 or 310.62.

(A) Fire Alarm Systems. It must be installed as noted in Section 760.27 for fire alarms systems.

(B) Thermocouple Circuits. It must be installed as noted in Article 725, Part III. There are additional requirements.

(C) Class 1 Circuit Conductors. When insulated conductors of sizes 18 AWG or 16 AWG copper are used, they shall be as noted in Section 725.27.



The outer jacket must be a flame-retardant, nonmetallic material.



Article 90 Introduction


Wiring and Protection

Wiring Methods and Materials

Equipment for General Use

Special Occupancies

Special Equipment

Special Conditions


Annex C. Conduit and Tubing Fill Tables for Conductors and Fixture Wires of the Same Size

Annex D. Examples

Annex E. Types of Construction

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