Other Basic Controls

The previous two chapters covered many basic controls, such as labels, buttons, and other text controls. Subsequent chapters will cover several more specialized controls, such as list and tree controls and date and time controls.

This chapter covers many of the other basic controls commonly used as part of Windows Forms applications, including:

  • Containers such as the Panel and the GroupBox controls
  • Tabbed pages
  • The PictureBox control
  • Scrollbars, the TrackBar control, and the ProgressBar control
  • Up-down controls, both numeric and object

The class hierarchy for all controls covered in this chapter is shown in Figure 13-1. You can refer to this figure as you read about each control.

Figure 13-1. Class hierarchy for controls covered in this chapter


Windows Forms and the .NET Framework

Getting Started

Visual Studio .NET


Windows Forms

Dialog Boxes

Controls: The Base Class

Mouse Interaction

Text and Fonts

Drawing and GDI+

Labels and Buttons

Text Controls

Other Basic Controls

TreeView and ListView

List Controls

Date and Time Controls

Custom Controls

Menus and Bars


Updating ADO.NET

Exceptions and Debugging

Configuration and Deployment

Programming. NET Windows Applications
Programming .Net Windows Applications
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